PHARMD, CrossFit L2, Advanced USA Weightlifting Coach, Certified International Science of Sports Nutritionist, CrossFit Mobility

I started CrossFit back in 2007 as a student after hearing about the program from a medical fellow  (also coincidentally with a last name "Charpentier"). After being directed to www.CrossFit.com, I committed to main site programming for a year or two and loved it, and I eventually joined a local CrossFit box in 2010.  Since then I have been an active member and was inspired to coach full time. 

What would you tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit?

Whatever you put into CrossFit, you will likely get out of CrossFit. 

It is one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, arduous, and humbling experiences you will ever experience.  Do it immediately, give it a good, healthy effort and stay committed.

Nathan has also competed at a World Masters Weightlifting Championships and has attended various training seminars including the Movement Fix and the Hybrid Athlete.


CrossFit L2, USA Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Mobility,

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, MAT

I learned about CrossFit through my triathlon coach in Rhode Island while in the midst of grad school and training for an ironman. I was never in shape at all up through college and only played golf until I decided it was time to get myself in shape.

Walking into a big warehouse-like box was super intimidating for me at first since I knew nothing about barbells, but I dove headfirst and told myself I would learn new things, and absolutely LOVED it.

I especially became fond of all the weightlifting movements and found out (through my coaches) that I was actually good enough to compete in Weightlifting! I became a level 1 CrossFit coach in 2012 and since then have been coaching part-time alongside being a graphic designer, formerly a high school teacher before moving back to Oregon.

What would you tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit?

I find that many people come in with preconceived expectations that CrossFit is “way too intense” or that you have to be in shape to start…none of which is true! CrossFit is meant to be an approach to fitness that involves expanding your physical capabilities in as many well-rounded and varied ways as possible…scaled to YOUR level. The environment of being in a CrossFit gym is by far the most motivating and inspiring place to come to for a workout…everyone here has the same values of “bettering themselves” and achieving more through health and fitness, and the other members here love sharing your accomplishments and help keep you accountable. Allow yourself to learn, try, fail, achieve, fall down, get back up, get out of your comfort zone, and thrive.​

Snow is the owner of artofbarbell.com. She was also Fittest Athlete in Rhode Island for the CrossFit Open 2015 with a 27th place in the NorthEast region in 2016, is an Oregon Weightlifting record holder for the 55kg class for snatch, clean & jerk and total, and was a bronze medalist (53kg) for USAW American Open 2016 on team Catalyst Athletics. 


CrossFit Level 1

I got started in CrossFit when a friend came up to me and said, “put your hands over your head”, I was like, “all right, so?”, and he was like, “I can help you. Come see me”.  The next thing that happened was I was at a local CrossFit gym doing Fran or some other workout, and I was like, “oh look, I can touch my toes, I can lift stuff over head with less pain!” and that was it, I was hooked.  I love the workouts and the competivness as well as the sense of belonging and community.​ The impact on my life, health and well-being were so significant I wanted to help folks start their journey to a better healthier life.


What would you tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit? Do it! To put it simply: if you think you might like it, try it. If you never try, you will never know. You like ice cream, right? How did you find out you like ice cream? You tried it and found out you liked it. Secondly, do not believe the hype! The folks that say you will get hurt, that it’s crazy that…fill in the blank. Thirdly, don’t look at the games athletes and think to yourself “I could never do that”. Do you think that if you played flag football you should play in the NFL? Those are CrossFit’s version of professional athletes. You compete against you. So get on the road and see where your journey takes you.

When not coaching, Vic trains to chase the Oregon State weightlifting records in the masters divisions.


CrossFit L1, CrossFit Kids

I was introduced to CF by a personal trainer I was working with at the time. I was very intimidated at first, but he kept telling me I could do it. I finally took the plunge. It was love at first WOD.

I decided to become a coach because I felt and still feel passionate about CF. It is the best workout I have ever done. It has changed my perspective and has made me a stronger, happier and healthier person. After almost 6 years the desire to share that passion with as many people as possible has not waned.


What would you tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit?
My advice to anyone thinking of trying CF is: “You are stronger and more capable than you realize. Take the plunge. It will change your life.”


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, CrossFit Level 1

I started following CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance programming online in 2010 to find a more efficient way to train for running and triathlon races. Much to my amazement, less time training actually led to lifetime PRs across all race distances and my chronic injuries began to improve.


On moving to Ashland in 2015, I discovered a CrossFit gym one block from our house and stepped fully into the experience. I continue to be challenged by the gymnastics and weightlifting movements, which are a welcome balance to a lifetime of endurance training.


During my Level 1 in February 2016, Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, gave the “What is Fitness?” lecture. I heard echoed in his words many of the concepts that underscore my education, training and work as an osteopathic physician, discussing with Greg how to harness all that CrossFit can bring to the health of a community.


When the previous owner was looking to move on, I stepped in, nurturing the current community, expanding offerings and realizing a lifelong goal of a wellness space that creates opportunity for best health for all on the path toward fitness. With an amazing team of coaches and a vibrant community of athletes, it is truly a dream come true to walk through the door every day. 


What would you tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit?


CrossFit is for anyone but not for everyone – it helps to be coachable and consistent but otherwise there are no rules for the perfect candidate or the right time to start. Give it a chance, at least one month and ideally three or more to truly know if it is the right place for you. CrossFit Inconceivable is a place for you to dream big, create connection, challenge yourself, find lessons in failure and get a little better each day. Come on in and find out if CrossFit means what you think it means and discover if it is the right path for you!


Amelia has competed for Team USA in Triathlon, participated with the Rogue Rowing Women’s Racing Team, finished first in local running races and is an active member of the CrossFit Health and CrossFit Physicians movement. She has a full-time practice in Neuromusculoskeletal and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine in Ashland, is an Osteopathic Health Policy Fellow, Class of 2020 and is the founder of This Osteopathic Life  with events, podcast and blog dedicated to promoting the health of all things.


CrossFit L1

Growing up with an identical twin brother, I've basically always been a competitive person in one way or another. Whether it was football, soccer, or even gaming with my bro (nerd alert! PlayStation guy here) I've always thrived on competition, and I've always loved being a part of a team.  I've also always loved helping and educating, so I decided to start sharing my passion with others.  5 years of official CrossFit for me, and I'm still hooked!


What would you tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit?

I used to be one of those guys who bashed CrossFit because I didn't understand it. Then I realized the workouts I loved doing with my college football team at SOU were pretty much CrossFit to a T!  This box is my new team. CrossFit can also be whatever you want it to be. It can be competitive, it can be a "you vs you" thing, it can be the hardest thing you've ever done, or it can be something you like to do casually to just blow off some steam. It is what you make it, and the relationships you create at your gym will elevate your life in ways you never imagined. Jump on in, the water's warm!


200 YRT

I first started taking yoga classes to complement distance running in Tennessee. I quickly fell in love with the practice and discovered how important yoga was for my physical, emotional, and mental health and it gave me the path to transform my full body, mind, and spirit. Fast forward many years and many moves, yoga, running, and now Crossfit have been the consistent threads to building community in my many new homes. 

I completed my 200-hour vinyasa yoga style training during the fall of 2018 while living in Denver, CO, as a way to deepen my personal practice and share my passion for yoga. 


I am thrilled to have found Crossfit Inconceivable as a new way to challenge me both physically and mentally and build community. As a yoga teacher I seek to lead classes and create content that are both accessible to everybody and cultivate calm energy as a balance to some of the more intense CF workouts.