11/18 - 12/2

Updates as of 11/16/20
Due to governor mandates we will be temporarily closing our gym space to all members and instead will be hosting online zoom classes until further notice. 


We have been hard at work preparing the space and protocol for returning to workouts in the gym and look forward to welcoming athletes back for strength class tomorrow!

Please read this update in its entirety, save for reference and send any questions, concerns, clarifications to Amelia using the contact@inconceivablefitness.com address

Some points to note after review of the Town Hall meeting and review amongst staff since:



You MUST utilize your Zen Planner account to reserve space in classes - this allows for adherence to number requirements and preparation of equipment for the workout by coaches.

Please notify the staff 24 hours in advance if you are not able to make a class - space is limited and we want to ensure we are serving as many athletes as possible in a safe manner.

Download the Zen Planner member app or use on your computer - you should use the e-mail you registered with the gym.

Coach Snow created this tutorial for you!

When you log-in to Zen Planner, you will be prompted to sign a Re-Opening Waiver & Code of Conduct specific to the COVID-19 requirements.

If you have any issues, contact Amelia using contact@crossfitininconceivable.com





For athletes who are in the same household, we are allowing for shared lanes in classes, up to 3 shared lanes per class on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you will be utilizing this feature, please let us know as we will have to make a note in the system and prepare the lane for two athletes.




We recognize that bringing your children with you to the gym is a much-needed feature, particularly during this time of school and extra-curricular closures and we value the family-friendly environment of the community. 

On review of logistics and as we navigate re-opening during Phase I, we will not have children in the gym during classes. (Note, if the child has been an established member in workouts previously, they may resume their membership and participate in class under the same-household rule as above).

As we move toward Phase II, these are the steps we anticipate:

  • One child (or children from the same household) able to be in the kid's area during a class

  • Child(ren) must remain in the kid's area throughout the entire class

  • Carpeted flooring and toys will be removed, entertainment from home may be brought in and into the kid's area only and taken back home at the end of class

  • Parents are responsible for their children during the class - path from lane to kid's area will be outlined

  • Parents will clean the kid's area after class with use of provided product

  • Waiver will be signed acknowledging the above as well as the symptom attestation as outlined in the Re-Opening Waiver & Code of Conduct

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move through the steps of re-opening and look forward to the return of all our athletes and families into the gym!




Thank you to all who have returned equipment to the gym.
As we move through the Strength Classes this week, Coach Nate will assess the need for additional equipment returned and contact athletes directly.

We are doing our best to be accommodating to all and appreciate your cooperation with this process!



After review of health authority recommendations and safety consideration, we are proceeding during Phase I with masks for coaches in the space and recommendation, but no requirement, for athletes.

We will optimize spacing and ventilation (through open garage doors, external air return and air filters) as well as hand hygiene. 

We recognize that everyone has various comfort levels and, if you desire to wear a mask and wish to participate only if all athletes in the class are as well, we are considering offering certain class sessions as mask-only. 

Please contact Amelia directly if this is your request and updates will be provided.




We continue to offer options in all settings for your convenience and comfort - YouTube, Zoom, Park and In-Gym workouts remain available. 

We ask that you choose one session this week to allow for all interested athletes to participate in the space and gain experience with the new protocols. If you are interested in a second session this week, let Amelia know and she will contact you if space is available. 

This is the schedule starting June 9th [Phase 2].  


Please note:

  • The 5:30pm Zoom workout will be replaced with Park WOD.

  • 6am offers both in-gym and Zoom workout options



There has been inquiry re: 5am class - at present, we will not be offering any back-to-back classes in the gym.

Two options for 5am under consideration are: 

  • 5am on Zoom MWF

  • 5am and 7am in the gym on T/Th INSTEAD of 6am in the gym

  • With all of these 6am Zoom class would continue

If you are interested in these options, please let Amelia know.

Thank you all for continuing to show up - on-line, in the park, encouraging your fellow athletes to join in and pushing yourself to find fitness in all the places! Today from Murph in the park. And the link to the video compilation crafted by Coach Snow from the efforts of many!

See you all soon!